Monday, August 29, 2016

Cute ideas on organizing

Wishing a happy week for you all!

It is time to get organized!  I have to show you what can help with cute ideas, and this  special issue from December 2010 on cloth.paper.scissors studios offer many, many creative ways on organizing small to big spaces for wherever you can call it; studio, art space, work space. I got it from Barnes & Noble back on 2011. It is very handy for teachers, students, especially at this time of the year! It illustrates infinity of possibilities, and it is helping me the way how to keep organized specially my yarns, needles, fabrics, books, art projects and many things.

There are inspirational ideas that artists can use to update your art corner over and over, and now I am picking up this magazine again to get inspired on how to reorganize my tiny creative space. I just wanted to let you know that there are many ways to explore on get a nice clean environment for your creativity. The editor's letter explains that some small work spaces measure even as 3 feet wide so from that, you can imaging what you can do if have more room! My favorites pages are the 62 which is same as the cover, 91, 92, 112, 113, 128, 136. On the link you can find more info related to this special issue.

I let you with this beautiful video...



Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Linen project in progress

Hi everyone, picking up this project again to continue stitching it. I have been stuck thinking all the time, when can I be finished with this one? I told my mom I started making it for her. She asked me long ago about she wanted a crocheted nice breezy top, and there we go here is in progress. I feel urged to finish it and send it to her for the last days of summer in Florida, but I think I still can have time since the fall weather there continues warm but no, there are not more excuses, I need to try keep going anyways :). So here is the lace fabric looks like, the linen thread is very fine but it is pleasant to work with, the feeling of the linen is just wonderful, it drapes beautiful. I just cannot wait to accomplish it soon. Eventually the pattern can be released. This is an easy, breeze design to try. Can be worked on any other yarn or thread, too!

Have a wonderful afternoon,


Thursday, August 4, 2016


I started this project of basil top since last year, and had to stop it because yarn was over. I decided to order it later but took me long time to do so; meanwhile I decided to jumping onto another project at that time, and that is what was happening since I posted it back on April 22, 2015,  sounds crazy, right? That is why some times it takes for ever some of my knitting projects to be done. Well, recently I just got my ball of yarn to continue with this piece, and wanted to share how it goes. Here it is pinned on dress form and hopefully will be ready at least for the last days of summer.

I need to work the collar and has to be accomplished with that. I love this color, it is very handy to match clothes in different colors, and I think fall colors can be perfect to integrate this garment! 

Now I want to tag this quote I like very much from a Canadian novelist, and let you with a bit of the tvfilm that amazes me, and reminds me those days of young hood when we dream to have a Gilbert, too! that later became a reality in my life, never is too late I think, right?...