Saturday, August 1, 2015

Newborn cardigirl

Tonight I am releasing a newborn garment for a gift! I just had one photo of the knitting process, and one of the finished piece. Yesterday had the opportunity to send it to the baby girl, which finally make me happy! Hopefully she can fit in it because it has been already three weeks since she was born.

Pattern still being written because of matter of prior commitments it has not being released yet. Eventually it will be posted on my rav page. I thought this is a good idea on knitting a quickly and a delicate garment for an infant to use in the warm weather. Made in cotton fibers, which is relatively light. It takes just two balls of Knit Picks -Shine Sport yarn, one of each color. The little cardigan is worked seamless, from bottom-up method. Features a slip stitch texture, and the rest is knitted in a clean stockinette stitch. Finishing it with a garter stitch for neckline, edge of sleeves, and down s that will lay nice. Then sew on three buttons, and snaps to join bands of front sides seams. A super fast and easy project to try for a tiny beautiful creature!