Friday, February 19, 2016

Socks for a gift

As you see, I miss followers here. Nevertheless I am pleased that my dear family had been checking on my knitting and things  for the past months letting down kindness comments😉.

I like to give away little knitting pieces I make as presents to family, and friends during the holidays at the end of the year, and have not time to post at least some of them.

Now. I present this little project I made to my husband for Valentine's day. Toe Up Socks!

Again he loves my knitting socks because I make them customized to fit his feet properly without being tight, I would say very roomy as you see.

Here is a helper that makes my knitting go faster!

Recommended yarn: Stroll from Knit Picks. It is versatile, and because of the merino wool, it gives a super soft feeling! Constructed from toe up, and patterned in two colors. You will need just two balls combined in fingering weight to accomplished this project! Finished in size Medium +customized fit. Made base on method of “Bulky Winter Socks" a pattern which eventually will be released.