Monday, March 30, 2015

Barefoot Laces

Thinking what a wonderful idea with free soles at the beach!
These laces stand out on bare feet. They are soft and a delicate accessory to your feet when you walk at the beach, pool or while you just want to be barefoot anywhere! This afternoon I started to crochet them and now they are finished. I will like to have the collection with matching tunics! Sounds great right. Here are some pictures of the process when making them. Find finish items here !

Friday, March 27, 2015


 At the begining of this project  I thought it would be just  a ruffle, then as I  continued working, I decided why not create a lace shawl with a challenging construction.

The shawlette is crocheted in lace alpaca fiber. Finished in a traditional pineapple motif. It is made in two pieces that are attached in foundation chain of first piece. Drapes beautifully, and can be wearable both as a scarf or a cape using a ribbon sewed thru gaps in edge forming a collar, and extended over shoulders. 

These photos show an idea on how to wear it. It is a very delicate piece.  Eventually maybe you can find the pattern  here . 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sewed mittens

Spring has arrived! I love this season :-)  I made these mittens for a coworker's daugther who has been helping us in our class at the school I work for. I had a short time to knit them for her surprise gift, since she had to come back to her school from her spring break week, so I quickly did cut them out from an old cashmere shrug, I sewed them, then I placed on some flowered shaped buttons. She is happy and thankful for them. I think this is a nice idea for a little gift project.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

New blog!

I am so happy! I used to write on paper about my wonderful life in this country since I married my wonderful and smart husband, but now this way of cyber-writing, gives me the opportunity to share my fantastic life as a knitter! Which it is one of my favorite passions. I will like to share some of my hand knit projects and designs, free patterns and more!

Cheers :-)