Sunday, December 31, 2017

DIY Pincushion

Make your own wristlet pincushion. This easy project takes just a few materials to make. It can be added to your gifts galore for the holidays or just to your sewing room! Today I am happy to tell you how to make it. Please follow the photos sequence...  

-one 6" circle of felt fabric
-one 4.5" circle of felt
-one 7" strap of felt
-one 2.5" lid
-Hot glue
-Seven cotton balls
-5.5" length elastic
-Two velcro dots
-Sewing machine
Step 1:

With the needle threaded, stitch around edge of the 4.5" felt circle and gather it.

Step 2:
Place it on lid to cover it, and gather it firmly to its shape. Apply hot glue under gathering and lid to glue it. With the help of your fingers press edges around it.
Step 3:

Same thing with the 6" circle of felt, stitch around it to gather to center with cotton balls inserted. Pull thread and tie. Cut tail of thread. Now, there are two parts ready of pincushion to assemble.

Step 4:

With a sewing machine make a zigzag stitch on center length of strap attaching elastic leaving an inch space on tips without sewing. Add one velcro ON one strap tip, and the other one UNDER the other strap tip.

Step 5:

Apply hot glue on center of lid to attach strap, and apply hot glue in lid also to attach the cushion. Keep pressing pieces together for a bit until everything is glued.

Have fun with your pincushion and happy new year!


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Fave resources of interest

Hi, I just wanted to sum up my favorites for the rest of this year with some resources of interest that a fabulous quilter has shared with me. I found them my favorite thing to read these past months! This information has helped me to be inspired me yet more with the fact of use my spare time more productive and crafty. So, I think the below list of themes can help everyone else no doubt.

I hope you find sparkled ideas!

Happy reading and crafting,