Friday, December 23, 2016

Autumn Favorites

I've been very busy this season with house chores, knitting pieces for a ladies luncheon bazaar at church this month! Below are my favorite things I found on this colorful chilly season!

Favorite Food⭐

The nutrients like vitamin C and fiber play a very important role in cranberry's health benefits. Most people commonly consumed this food in a form of juice processed from the berries, instead eating them whole. I've been enjoying by eating them on cereal, oat meal, or just on the meals. I absolutely love, love them and they are not acid anymore to me!

Favorite Kitchen Tool⭐

We recently bought a KitchenAid Artisan at Bedbathandbeyond. This stand mixer is the best thing in my kitchen, not doubt, it is helping me to make bread recipes in a professional level. It also has a quiet sound, and keeps mixing mess-free when using the pouring shield, which is a nice feature. This season for holiday baking, the mixer is my essential tool for producing incredible breads, cakes, etc. It is also taking my baking skills to the next level, and it definitely is helping me to change the way I used to make the gluten-free bread for my hubby. With this essential machine effortlessly knead whole-wheat bread dough without straining on the counter top! I am not buying bread anymore, since I can make my own bread at home! 

Favorite Article⭐
Writing patterns are the challenging part for me. When a project is done I feel very happy. However it demands a lot of thinking and writing. I found this clever and amazing article which helps on how to do an order list of things when patterning a crochet piece. I would like to apply it on my knitting as well.
Lillabjorn Crochet World shares everything you need when writing patterns from sketching to testing them, which inspire me yet more! I like this practical advice. It is marvelous, and I am really fascinated with it!

Favorite Yarns⭐

The highest quality of yarns are my priority. Knit Picks is currently my favorite choice. The fibers are Peruvian and they have nice blends. I love to use those that are 100% such is alpaca, wool or blends that are only from animals, or the ones that are only from plants. I am working with my favorite ones this season like alpaca, and merino wool. The pieces that will be done are slippers, socks, mittens, a hat, and a cowl neck. Over all, I learned that Knit Picks have a nice selection of yarns, enhanced comfort in knitted garments, and are low in price.

Favorite Quote⭐

I think it is healthy to spend time with God daily. It is always inspiring. I like to balance by spending value time with people who are close to me such is my family, and friends and work. I like to analyze what really matters in a conversation and what constructive can be in order to stay or leave it. I was taught when growing up to be wise on choosing anything in my life, as well to have the chance to do well or bad. I love to learn from the scriptures, which fill me with knowledge in the way to be oriented on doing things right. 
Who you like to choose to spend the time with?

Favorite Boots⭐

We were looking for Uggs at the local store of Nordstrom Rack on Jan of this year but my husband and I couldn't find my size. Amazingly, we found these wonderful boots branded Bear Paw. They are super comfortable and soft, and warm to my feet. They are made in leather with a softest fur of merino sheep! They are also affordable. Since then, they have been my best friends for the chilly days of the year, and especially this season.

Favorite Movie⭐

I was fascinated when we went to the local amc Square 7 theater. I felt like it was in a mansion home theater, especially with those soft chairs where you can relax and be comfortable. Anyway, the movie is an outstanding film directed by Mel Gibson called Hacksaw Ridge! Based on a true story of a true courageous hero Desmond Doss, who refused to bare arms, and was awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor. The actor Andrew Garfield plays it spectacular, and he is now one of my latest favorite actors as well.

Favorite Knitted garment⭐

I finished knitting this piece the last days of September and I can not wait to wear it on tanks and dresses. The top fits me just right and it goes well on some of my autumn/spring outfits. It is made in blends of cotton's fibers. I like it very much for the shine, texture, and draping

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know, I will be more than happy to answer, this concludes this post of my Autumn favorites!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mug Cover

The feel of this textured cover mug brings traction when holding your cup. Knitted in a seed stitch, and detailed with a picot stitch.

For a mug of 4 inches in diameter
Length 10 inches
width 2.5
Bulky yarn, approximately 35 yards.
Straight Needles
1 Size 10mm, and a crochet hook J10 (6mm)
yarn needle, buttons
8 stitches and 55 rows in seed stitch.

Feel free to use the pattern to make gifts for friends or family. Download a PDF pattern

Happy knitting ☺