Thursday, April 30, 2015


One of my first friends in the US has a cute dog! His name is Pouncer, and finally he did modeling today his very own sweater I made for him based on the pattern of Tobbe's sweater. He truly is the cutest dogie in the world, he is very friendly and gracious. He posed graciously for the camera. Is he not adorable?

Any way, I hope he enjoys it from now on. Cross fingers because he refused to walk with it when shooting him. I do not know but he was also a little shy. Hoping the best for him to get used to it☺.



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Found fabulous outfits!

I was watching tutorials about crochet on YouTube. I found interesting ideas on how to design a baby dress. After checking on more videos, one caught my attention DIY Do it yourself fashion show blog, the designer seems very creative, and inspired! She shows on her blog a t-shirt with incorporated lace fabrics, which I like very much. She also displayed these images where celebrities are wearing crocheted outfits, which I thought are fabulous, and I said why not display them right here, too!

The majority of my first projects were crocheted. Right now I try to knit more. But really these images bring me more inspirations for crocheting in the future! As you see these dresses, tops, and shorts, have a unique stunning design. All laces you can see are in white, beige, black, and inserted colored motifs; fabulous pieces for this summer! I also say crochet, and laces never will be out of style. Enjoy them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Knitting in process

It has been a long week!! Knitting continues in my daily life. 

Some times my knitting projects slows down, and other times they progress depends on the time I have available, especially when I am watching television. My day time involves things I have to accomplish like activities at home, and at my work place. My intention with each one of the pieces I knit, is trying to make them with some interesting feature, and also pieces that maybe you will enjoy to knit as well.

Here I am working on a cardigan, and trying to go further it as I can! This piece will have textured lace edges. It is going to be wearable for the warm days. Using a blend of a delicate, soft, and silky fibers from beach wood and cotton, which is a plus when wearing it during summer!

xoxo, Blanca

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One of my favorite books

Romantic style is one of my favorite ways I wish to knit often. When  I began knitting, one day I read at the local library this book.

It had pictures with laces, and beautiful patterns. I just got to write by hand the hanger cover pattern that I liked so much, and that I proudly made.

Afterwards, I couldn't find it again just because I forgot the name of it. But finally I found it on amazon, I did remember  the picture on the cover, and I ordered immediately. That book impacted me! Since then, I always wanted to add it to my library of crochet magazines and old book about knitting. Today I received it! It shipped fast. I am very happy about this. Love beautiful things :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Surprise sweater for a doggie

I love the way knitting challenges me as a knitter to develop skills as well as the confidence when I create a pattern to suit my personality. Tobbe's sweater design surprised me with an unexpected “mistake” or “error”, and this time it will have led me for a better outcome. I updated the pattern yesterday! The piece is constructed in two separated pieces.



The front piece needed to to be switched or flipped. It was constructed in the opposite way, and had to be changed in order to match up the back piece with the rows from chest, and neck. Photos below show the correct way to shape them.


After making the written corrections in pattern, it first came to my mind my friend's dog will fit in this sweater! and started to knit it based on the new corrected pattern, which you can find it here

Worked perfectly after finishing it! I preferred to let the leg openings without a ribbing.