Thursday, June 4, 2015

DIY Blouse Lace Refashion

Hello to all. As I mentioned that besides knitting I like to make some of my cloths, too, and also transform some of them into a new look, here is a little project from my wardrobe. It is a sleeveless blouse I bought a year ago. The thing was I liked pretty much the color than everything else. The design was okay, however because I particularly do not like blouses or any kind of garment without sleeves, finally today, I decided to styled it in a different way.

Since I received a lace scarf as a birthday present last year which I loved it so much. It is dressy and airy, especially to wear it on the cool days of summer. Anyways, finding that it matched the same color as the blouse, I decided to repurpose it into adding it for a bit of lace to this blouse.

First of all, this photo is from my sewing station

Here is what I did:

1st. I detached the bottom ruffle from the blouse, which was used for the sleeves

2nd. The lace scarf is attached to the sleeve

3ed. adding another bit of lace from same scarf over sleeves, blouse hem, and lace seamed

Hope this idea on how to redesign a garment from your wardrobe can helps you. You have a great day! and if you like it, please leave a comment on the below box or on the email box. Thank you!