Sunday, April 23, 2017

Winter Faves

It has been a month already since winter was over! Time goes so fast! I have been busy with a couture project that is related to a linen pajamas for my husband as well with a knitting design project from an order I took of a local customer. In terms of things I enjoy the most, like a hand-made item, healthy or cool stuff I recently got for my personal use, I think is very nice to show you an updated of my favorites ones of that season, and may you can enjoy them too!

Fave Blush⭐

I like to consider natural healthier choices when come to beauty products. Now this Juice Beauty Blush is one of my lately favorites! I used to have a blush from Real Purity but I wanted to give a try to this one. Both have excellent perform and ingredients. I do not know but lately I do not put nothing on my face than blush, eye liner, eye shadow, and lip balms. This sounds like I am trying to be minimalist already :). So anyway, in terms of quality as well the natural ingredients are very important to me. The most benefits I get from this are the ingredients which are fruits extracts and minerals that are gentle and safe to the body. The Juice Beauty glowing cheek comes in a loose powder consistency. Also it gives a natural beautiful soft rosy look on the cheeks. For more details of it go to

Fave Slippers⭐

I am in love with my up cycled slippers! I constructed them from a felted hat and felted socks I made long ago for my husband and me but accidentally  turned this way from washing them in the laundry machine, and we could not wear them any more, were too little. So I thought these two accessories can just be perfect for my winter babushkas. I sew them with wool yarn, and also the soles of a hairy sheepskin old jacket, and there you have them, 100% wool cozy slippers!

Fave Tea⭐

I felt some days on Jan with this viral symptoms that nothing but star anise tea helped me to get enough better. Each Autumn and winter season this herb has been helping me a lot, due to its natural benefits of vitamin C. The tea aroma is just delicious. Also I drink this tea along with a slice of licorice root which it gives a bit of sweet to it. Knowing the effect of this herb that protects and gives strong support for the immune system function, I make sure I keep it in my pantry. I felt in love with this tea all the winter long, and perhaps all year long from now on. I am also using the star anise tea as a tonic for my face! The freshness of it is just sensational and it has anti aging properties as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line!

Have a wonderful week everyone.


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